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Like Nothing is Wrong

Award winning documentary by Jane Rosemont


Despite what would seem to be a flourishing career, most recently playing Kermit on Showtime's Shameless, Hollywood character actor Jim Hoffmaster struggles both professionally and personally. Acting Like Nothing is Wrong explores how he navigates life without a stable upbringing. 

The film poses universal questions and illuminates mental health issues we experience on a daily basis. Do we ever completely overcome our traumas? What are our coping mechanisms? Hope, and healthy doses of comedy are vital elements in the film.

"Refreshingly untraditional"
"Deeply moving and compassionate"
"Gripping, authentic"
"Rosemont did a masterful job of telling a difficult yet inspiring story without judgment"

Streaming info coming soon!

WINNER - Awareness Festival - 2022-2.png
WINNER - Berkeley Springs Film Festival - 2023-2.png
WINNER - DOCUTAH International Film Festival - 2022-2.png
WINNER - Boomtown Film  Music Festival - 2023-2.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Albuquerque Music  Film Festival - 2023-2.png
WINNER - Santa Fe International Film Festival - 2022-2.png
WINNER - Philadelphia Independent Film Festival - 2023-2.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Newburyport Documentary Film Festival - 2023-2.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Soo Film Festival - 2023-2.png
WINNER - East Lansing Film Festival - 2022-2.png
HONORABLE MENTION - Richmond International Film Festival - 2023-3.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Vermont Film Festival - 2023-2.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - LA Femme International Film Festival - 2023-2.png
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