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Jane Rosemont

Filmmaker, Photographer, Artist

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Jane Rosemont is an award-winning filmmaker & photographer. Her debut film Pie Lady of Pie Town, narrated by Academy Award winner Wes Studi, premiered in Hollywood in June 2014. It has been an official selection in over 45 festivals, winning eighteen awards including Best Short Documentary, Best Music, and Best Director.

Acting Like Nothing is Wrong is currently screening at film festivals, winning awards at many including Best Feature Documentary and Best Director.

Jane was born in Detroit, Michigan, the youngest of eight happy children. After dragging her feet through college and holding jobs without passion, she met an Olympus OM2 that gave her the focus she lacked and desperately craved. Her photography has been exhibited and published across the USA for four decades. 

She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband Dick. (They have set out to prove that it really is “fun with Dick & Jane.”) Dick Rosemont produced Pie Lady of Pie Town and is executive producer of Acting Like Nothing is Wrong. He is the subject  of Jane's short-short film Shirts!

Dick buys and sells vinyl records as "The Guy in the Groove," is a music researcher, writer, presenter

and archivist.

Rosemont's second film, Apotheosis, can be seen here.

Her third film, Shirts! can be seen here.

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Take a look at Jane's other films

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Pie Lady of Pie Town





"Jane is a renaissance woman!"

Her passion for fine art photography expanded into many other forms of creative expression over the years including collage and movie making. Here are a few pieces from Jane's collection.

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