Acting Like Nothing is Wrong, a documentary about Hollywood actor Jim Hoffmaster,

is in post-production. This is the fourth film from award winning writer/director Jane Rosemont.

Expected release is 2021.

Jim's working credentials include Better Call SaulNCIS, Brooklyn 99 and Mad Men. He currently plays Kermit on the TV series Shameless on Showtime, now going into its 11th season, but his journey began with childhood abandonment and abuse. Jim ended up in foster care where he was erroneously thought to be mentally impaired. There was one loving foster mother in his life, but for the most part he was bullied and abused. Eventually he redirected his trauma to creative expression, acting. When he made the move from the Midwest to Hollywood did he become"rich and famous?" 


Despite what would seem to be a flourishing career, Jim struggles both professionally and personally.

 Acting Like Nothing is Wrong  explores his process of navigating life without a stable upbringing, using survival skills and optimistic perseverance. The film poses universal questions. Do we ever completely overcome our traumas? What are our coping mechanisms? Is one person's trauma more or less significant than another's? Glimmers of hope and healthy doses of comedy are vital elements in the film.

The film features special appearances by veteran actor and Academy Award winner Wes Studi (Last of the MohicansDances With Wolves, Hostiles), Kathy Knapp, (Pie Lady of Pie Town) and Mike McGill, Shanola Hampton, and Steve Howey from Shameless.

Rosemont's previous films are Pie Lady of Pie Town, which was Academy Award© qualified (not nominated) in 2014, Apotheosis, and Shirts!. Awards for these films include Best Short, Best Music, Best Director, and Best Editing

Jane Rosemont and Jim Hoffmaster

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