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You can help us tell this story! 

Your donation of any amount will help tell this story of abandonment, abuse, survival,

perseverance and ultimately hope. I believe that filming will take us through the end of the summer.

Editing will take another few months.

I will be posting incentives soon, original pieces of art that you can receive for certain donation amounts.

Below is a list of expenses. Feel free to email me any questions or concerns you have 

about these growing costs. I vow that donated funds will only go towards costs listed below.

I cannot thank you enough for your support! 

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Heading 6

I’m often asked how long the film will be and the honest answer is: it remains to be seen. What is important is that the film is told the best possible way. It serves no one to add content that doesn’t serve the story, nor do I want to leave any stone unturned. One of the exciting aspects of documentary filmmaking is never knowing where it will lead and I need to remain open yet judicious.


With three films under my belt, I’m acutely aware of the importance of having a job done right. I hope you can help me attain my goal to produce the best film I’ve done to date. Crew and equipment is needed in several locations throughout the country. Below is a partial list of items.

A recent Indiegogo campaign raised 25% of what was needed. At the time my goal was $30,000 but I believe that in the end the film could cost me at least twice that amount.

We will be filming in New Mexico, California, Michigan, and West Virginia. 


In each of the places we need:

  • Production Manager 

  • Line Producer 

  • Cinematographer 

  • Gaffer 

  • First Assistant Camera 

  • Sound Mixer 

  • Equipment rental and required insurance 

  • Transportation costs for me and the crew in these locations

  • Some locations require a rental fee

  • Apartment rental/airbnb

  • and more as the situation requires


Other costs:

  • Illustrator

  • Crowdfunding fees

  • Music licensing

  • Stills photographer

  • Website and media fees

  • Editing

  • Sound balance

  • Transcription services

  • Color correction

  • Marketing/Promotion Professional

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