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How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Music?

In three days I’ll be directing a dance club scene for Acting Like Nothing is Wrong here in Santa Fe. Eventually the footage will be edited in bits and pieces throughout the film to illustrate levity/joy/hope in an otherwise poignant storyline. What makes Jim happy? Dancing. Made even better when surrounded by a bevy of enthusiastic celebrants.

Everyone will dance as themselves to ‘70s funk music, Jim’s favorite dancing genre. Because of licensing costs, none of that music can be in the film. However, there will be a scene where a few people comment on the party. How do I handle the music?  Aha! Longtime musician friend and keyboardist for The Verve Pipe, Randy Sly, wrote a piece with a ‘70s funk feel to play in the background when party-goers speak a line or two. Somewhere between Kool & the Gang's Jungle Boogie and James Brown's Get on the Good Foot“The Sly Song” will keep the shindig going.

Jim at Zumba class.

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